War Cry represents the Army’s mission through news, profiles, commentaries and stories. It looks to bring people to Christ, help believers grow in faith and character, and promotes redemptive cultural practices from the perspective of Salvation Army programs, ministries and doctrines. Readership consists of those in and involved with The Salvation Army as well as the general public. It is distributed in bulk to Salvation Army locations for use in ministry, and to individual subscribers. Over the last two years the magazine’s design and content have been upgraded, its circulation moved from biweekly to monthly, and a new insert called “Intersection” added for use as a separate hand out to reach those unfamiliar with the meaning and vernacular of the Christian faith. Published 12 times per year, with special issues at Christmas and Easter. The average circulation is 185,000 copies monthly, 1.7 million at Christmas and 1 million at Easter.

How to Submit

Please use our online submission form.

What to Submit

  • Articles
  • Reprints
  • Photographs (600 dpi)
  • News
  • Non-Fiction
  • Fiction (Limited)
  • Use New Living Translation


Payment made at time of acceptance •  $0.35 per word for first rights, one-time use articles •  $0.15 per word for reprints


Submit articles for a particular theme 60 days prior to the issue date. Please limit these submissions to 800 – 1250 words.

Special Christmas and Easter Holiday editions focus on the meaning of the seasons, and include riveting accounts of spiritual rebirth. Submit 6 months prior to the publication of these issues.

Photos accompanying submissions, where appropriate, make submissions more compelling.

Brief news items and sidebar pieces also accepted. Please limit these submissions to 100 – 400 words.

Response time for approval 3 to 4 weeks

Subjects of Interest

  • Christian Growth
  • Evangelism
  • Personal Witness
  • Articles related to the Salvation Army’s mission of preaching the Gospel and helping people in need, and articles that portray Salvation Army personnel & programs.
  • We look for submissions that address contemporary topics and concerns in ways that inspire people to grow in faith.
  • We welcome well-researched articles that help individuals and families live victoriously within the context of modern life (marriage, parenting, stress, loss, personal growth).
  • Profiles of people and programs that are making a positive impact for the gospel.
  • Articles should show by example and by careful research why the given topic, profile, or feature is meaningful for readers and how it can improve their lives.

War Cry Theme List 2020

January God’s Hand in Humanity & Creation: Observing the mighty work of God all around us.
February God’s love at work in the world today: Noting evidences of God’s love in the unique and normal settings of life.
March Count it all Joy: How to live a life of continuous joy and contentment.
April Easter: The Hope of the Resurrection.
May Points of Pain, Points of Light: What is the SA doing today to confront societal ills.
June What about the Bible?: How to read it. Tools for study. The "So What?" of scripture making it relevant in life today.
July Citizenship: What it means to be a citizen in this world and the one to come.
August Finding Direction: What is God’s will for my life? How do I find it? What do I do with it once I find it?
September Kindness: The world needs this ingredient now more than ever.
October Character Counts: Guideposts for character development. Values on which to build a life.
November Suffering: Ff God is good all the time then why does He let me suffer? The problem with pain, disease, and suffering in the modern world.
December "Hail the Son of Righteousness": How the advent of righteousness of God brings hope to humanity.

 * Subject to change by the incoming Editor-in-Chief

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